About GLOWPLUG and Us

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The Pleasure Vessel…

SY GLOWPLUG is a 1979 Moody 36CC MK1. 

the name https://syglowplug.com/?p=4913&preview=true

What is Glowplug and why did you call the boat that?

Skipper J didn’t like the boats original name, needing to do some paperwork in a hurry and reprogram the EPIRB he just went with the same name as the company, other options were the Greasy Duchess.

Why we chose this boat and how we came to get it

The company 

Glowplug Resources and Glowplug Resources Sri Lanka more here

The Sailors

Skipper J

J is a sailor, web developer. website sharpi.sh

mantra: If theres anything worth doing its worth doing to excess.  – my old man 


Worked in fintech in Hong Kong