Budget & Costs

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Reassuringly Low Budget.

Where possible we do everything ourselves, get the cheapest meanest items that end up breaking and costing the same in the end anyway.

All expenses so far

We’ve kept a lof of everything thats been spent on the boat so far

This doesn’t include car hire, flights, petrol and other bits.

View the doc here

Season 1 Expenses TLDR

Around 22,000 Euros for the boat and repairs including buying the boat.

Living expenses for 1 person: around 1,200 Euros a month. This figure is inflated because it includes not working for a year, and a lavish lifestyle.
J took around 25 flights this year, saw Rammstein in Italy, completed the Inshore Skipper course in Thailand, backpacked the Andaman Islands, New Dheli, DJ’d in Amsterdam, visited several boats in Malaga.

Total: ≈ 35,000 Euros.

Estimated Resell Value

Could the boat be worth 3500 GBP?

How we make money while sailing

When we say reassuringly low budget we mean it, we didn’t start with a big pile of cash to do this. Most of the sailing savings were burned in season one. One disaster and failure to another-after Skipper J returned to Hong Kong after season 1, including losing the speedboat (link coming soon) massively impacted the budget. We are able to earn and sail on the Glowplug business projects we set up before leaving Hong kong.