April – May 2023 Maintenance Log

Full detailed jobs list here on Google Sheets

Day 1 (Sunday 9th April)

  • Moved suitcases and new junk in
  • Emptied bilge which was full to the brim
  • drained feted rain water in flooded shower floor
  • checked batteries, they seem alright
  • refilled water tanks
  • wiped mould off of every surface in site in saloon
  • broke two hatch handles
  • drained flooded stbd underseat storage and hung items to dry
  • tested immersion heater wasn’t frozen and broken, it works!
  • checked all cupboards for flooding

Day 2 (10th April)

  • Drained port side underseat storage
  • drained remaining bilge from galley
  • Enquiries about solar setup, measured rack
  • cleaned captains cabin head
  • demoulded captains cabin walls and cupboards
  • cleaned flooded cupboards
  • recharged all headtorches

Day 3 (11th April)

  • Prento ghosted, then cancelled engine meeting
  • Cleaned forward head
  • Designed Binnacle mount
  • Emptied and demoulded forward cabin
  • Sorted through old bags of stuff and housed every item which was “around”
  • cleaned and demoulded galley, fridge, oven
  • got seacocks and both heads operational and flushing
  • repaired shower rail and lock which blocked door from shutting in forward head
  • arranging upholsterer, binnacle, crane etc
  • measuring up windows

Day 4 ( 12th April)

  • Removed instrument panel for
  • visited sailing stores in Tivat
  • Bought some flags
  • took down mouldy curtains
  • tried to do laundry, it was shut.

Day 5 (13th April)

  • And on the 5th day they rested. Nahye arrived from the airport.
  • Bimini / sprayhood / upholstery guy failed to turn up.

Day 6 (14th April)

  • Nahye unpacking, focusing on scheduling contractors and task assignment

Day 7 (15th April)

  • Drained the saloon seats again after they refilled with rain during intense thunder and hail storms
  • Hatch leaks identified
  • Identified where leaks are coming from, suspected toerails, evidence of where previous owners painted black paint where water is puddling

Day 8 (Sunday 16th April)

  • Making final decisions about solar orders
  • Started search for new Lewmar hatches