Sailing renovation and boat Maintenance resources in Tivat Montenegro.

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Heres a list of the resources we’ve found in Tivat to get ourselves up and running for season. Winter 2022 – Spring 2033 

Prento, Yacht ServiceDiesel Repair outfit, can be a bit ghosty. very helpful, reasonably priced will take small jobs off season.Perfect
Raijko Diesel Mechanic Friendly individual contractor. Good
AnnaBimini / SprayhoodPerfect
marine Leather Podgorica
Navar Yacht ServiceTop level professional Naval architechts. Felt like I was an irritating cockroach when they deal with Megayachts and expensive boats mostly.Perfect
Crane guy
Print AllVinyl stickersPerfect
Techno MarineTalked to tommy, he speaks good english and is helpful. Ultimately didn’t work with him though.Perfect
Una TivatMarine StorePerfect
Una Marine StorePerfect
LalizasMarine StorePerfect
JyskHomeware storecamping stuff, bedding, furnishings, blinds, quite expensive. 500 Euros for a duvet.Ok
Ina Petrol / Gas stationRefilling LPG camping tanksOK

Many of the various other contractors either ghosted or failed to turn up multiple times and eventually ghosted with no explanation. Thats just how it is, people don’t show up often.