The Mission

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Learn and Document

We actually didn’t know anything about liveaboard sailing coming into this and didn’t save enough money or prepare properly. However we had the drive to persevere and launch madly into this change of lifestyle. We want to document as openly and honestly as possible what we learn along the journey, from exact costs to experiences and mistakes. We want to have a portfolio of videos and photos that we can look back on in later years and say “yeah we did that”.

Quantifiable Objectives

This objectives will change over time as things become less or more realistic, but its a guide to work towards…

Phase 3 Objectives 2024

  • Return to the UK to sell the boat and break-even, or find a way to make SY Glowplug revenue generating enough to be self sustaining.
  • Qualify as a Sailing Instructor
  • Charter or trial liveaboard floating school concept.
  • Better YouTube videos

Phase 2 Objective’s 2023

  • Sail through the Bosporus to Sozopol Bulgaria
  • Launch a remote-first product development company and operate it from the boat
  • Build Audience and reputation in the indi-hack / product community to support growth of the Glowplug Studio and its products.
  • Develop and Launch secret “Project Soapbox” in house
  • Sail to Barcelona.
  • Find a Spinnaker sponsor
  • Launch Rebar Airsoft – Airsoft companion app
  • Open the Sri Lankan branch of Glowplug Resources with a full time administrator and 5-10 developers on payroll.

Phase 1 objectives 2022

  1. Get an ICC equivalent qualification
  2. Get boat
  3. Sail to UK and renovate