2023 Engine Overhaul Work List & sent to the Contractor

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We have a BMC1500 

Inital problems in Greece were to do with impeller 

couldnt get impeller, got stuck in greece for months with no one to help

main issue was extra sensitive fuel line system and bleeding, we got it started ourselves once or twice, 

this lead to us almost losing the entire boat 

it started to develop serious problems in Italy 


Gradually got worse after heading up wind for hours.

Couldnt run for more than 1km before massive vibration and spewing oil diesel mix from the cylinder head gaskets which was really dangerous on teh last stretch from Croatia to MNE

Prognosis now is that the exhaust eblow was so corroded water got back up to the cylinders causing rust and corrosion and scoring 

oil pumps were clogged,