Total disaster: Working with Prento Yacht Assistant in Montenegro wasted 11 months and ruined our one shot at a season together.

Finding a time when you and your partner can both quit your jobs to sail is never easy.

We had a one shot opportunity with me having a good remote client and Captain Kaniro leaving her job anyway to have a shot at the dream town hopping season on the med, however this all ended in mosquito bites, heatstroke and tears and one of the toughest years of our lives.

Winter 2022, they never replied properly

I went as far as to employ a Croatian PA to call them endlessly until they responded.

Where we are to blame

Admittedly once we had the order list we we’rent

Customs took our orders for months on end

They didnt

10 more days, 15 more, I don’t know?

they wouldnt answer the phone for a week on occasions so we were left hanging waiting around in the boatyard hardstanding never knowing if we were going to launch in a few days or not with nowhere else to go.

The catch 22

If we aren’t going to sail do we continue to work on the boat

The electrician is sick and every other excuse

never showed instrument panel is still not working properly

The end result

Nahye left early in September. I was left with a half finished boat which was forcibly lowered into the sea by the marina after Prento had failed to assign anyone to complete the work.

3600 Euro bill

The work itself has been ok so far. The engine starts ok.